Ford expertly blends new and existing construction with addition and remodel.


Retreats offer a great opportunity for spiritual growth and time to reconnect with yourself and others. The right accommodations provide a sense of comfort for self-reflection and space to encourage camaraderie and community building. In the case of Pallottine Fathers and Brothers, a 2,000-sq.ft. kitchen addition and remodel provided the extra room needed to enhance storage areas and improve the kitchen and dining facilities—enhancements that support the success of the retreat experience. The project required expert knowledge and craftsmanship to connect the foundation of an existing 1930’s building with a new foundation and seamlessly blend the exterior finishes. The Ford team was able to develop a schedule to align with the needs of the busy retreat center calendar in order to successfully complete the challenging project with minimal disruptions to daily activities.


Client: St. Vincent Pallotti Retreat Center