Ford wins 40% of publicly bid projects


Every construction project, no matter the size and scale, deserves attention to detail, effective communication and strict adherence to schedule. The City of Waukesha hired Ford to construct a new 200-foot concrete retaining wall along the third base line at Frame Park. The project features a ten-foot wide sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot which provides an elevated viewing area. To add depth and visual interest to the retaining wall, baseball bat and ball motifs were cast into the concrete structure.

As the city’s largest park, the Frame Park baseball diamond and surrounding areas are continuously rented and used by various community groups. Noise control and maintaining a strict project schedule were critical in order to minimize disruptions to the daily park activities. Despite the park schedule, intense summer heat and the challenge of poor soil conditions and high water levels, Ford completed this park enhancement ahead of schedule with minimal disruptions to the park users. The result is a refreshed baseball diamond area that can be enjoyed by the entire community.


Client: Frame Park
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin