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BGS has been in the business of installing glass in residential and commercial projects throughout southeastern Wisconsin for over two decades. As the company continued to grow, its physical space needed to grow with it and Ford provided more than construction services. In order to expand the company’s shop warehouse and production space, an addition was needed. While the original team on the project had gained approval for a 3,200-sq.ft. building, Ford worked with the City of Waukesha to come up with a better plan to support the company’s growth. By advocating in the client’s best interest and collaborating with city officials, Ford was able to gain approval for 4,500-sq.ft. of pre-engineered metal building construction. As experts in metal building construction, the Ford team is on schedule to deliver the project on time and within budget. This almost 30-percent increase in space will benefit the future growth of BGS.


Client: BGS Glass Services